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Just a Tumblr of vaguely nerdy things. I'm a computer programmer on the IBM i. I'm also a writer of tech articles, essays, and short fiction.
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You fight dandelions all week-end, and late Monday afternoon there they are, pert as all get out, in full and gorgeous bloom, pretty as can be, thriving as only dandelions can in the face of adversity.

Lambs Screaming (The Silence Of The Lambs): Clarice tells Lecter why she left the range where she lived when she was a child.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984)

Penny for Your Thoughts

BUCKAROO BANZAI - Alternate Opening w /Jamie Lee Curtis

The one who goes is happier / Than those he leaves behind.

The triumphal scene in one of the most disturbing movies I’ve ever seen. The Grey Zone tells the story of a group of Sonderkommandos in Auschwitz who planned to blow up the crematoriums.

The “fight” scene in A Midnight Clear starts at 5:24 into this video. It’s my favorite scene in one of my favorite movies.

If people don’t want to come to the ballpark how are you going to stop them?
Yogi Berra (1925-    ) Attributed

Film clip from Juno - “I’m Pregnant” - I love this movie…

Here was an owl liv’d in an oak, / The more he heard, he less he spoke, / The less he spoke the more he heard— / O, if men were all like that wise bird!

Final scene in Sunset Boulevard

Word Crimes

D 162. Obesity Powders. If any one wishes to get rid of superfluous fat without injury to their general health this is the remedy to take. Full directions how to take the powders, what to eat and drink and exercise accompany each box.
There is no credit to being a comedian, when you have the whole Government working for you. All you have to do is report the facts. I don’t even have to exaggerate.
Ignorance is not bliss—it is oblivion.